Creative Portland Fiscal Sponsorships

Supporting creative individuals, enterprises, and initiatives

One of the important ways Creative Portland serves the creative community is as the fiscal sponsor for creative individuals, enterprises, and initiatives that require a 501(c)(3) organization to accept donations and to apply for grants as long as they align with our mission.

As a fiscal sponsor, Creative Portland receives funds on behalf of our sponsee and then we disburse those funds to the sponsee in a timely manner, less a small service fee to cover our administration expenses. This fee is typically 5% but may be higher on a case-by-case basis if the amount of time and resources needed to manage the relationship is more than initially expected. The sponsee must also agree to discuss in advance with Creative Portland the pursuit of any government funds or previously targeted sponsors/foundations that might be a possible conflict with one of our current grant applications or fundraising initiatives.

When making your donation, you will be prompted to select the beneficiary of your gift in the second form, directly below your contact information.


Black Artists Forum: A coalition dedicated to maintaining the growth of individual creators and the community of black artists in Maine by creating visibility for artistic diversity while making cultural resources and opportunities accessible to the creative community.

Factory 3: is a makerspace that offers Portland's creative community access to Woodshop and Metal shop equipment and tools, Personal Work/ Studio spaces, and a variety of Experimental and Professional Classes. It is our mission to support and sustain the imagination that drives both creative and entrepreneurial passions. Our makerspace is a hub for novices and specialists ready to actively pursue new skills, unleash their creative potential, and connect with a broad network of makers.

Gulf of Maine ECOARTS (GMEA): A project to create a sculpture installation, including exhibition at the Bigelow Laboratory of Ocean Sciences, designed, created and built by a collaborative team of professional artists, educators, scientists, and students, as well as programming around the completed project.

Maine Tool Library: A volunteer-run tool lending library in Portland, Maine, serving makers, artists, homeowners, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

Maine Immigrant Music Connection: Aims to build community with recent immigrants through music.
They provide musical instruments, free instruction, and performance opportunities.

PechaKucha (Portland): A global storytelling presentation, originating in Japan, in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each in a precise and fast-paced event with multiple speakers. A community-building program that has been active in Portland for 10 years.

Portland Dance Month: PDM is an opportunity for local arts organizations to strengthen relationships, expand public engagement, and get audiences excited about seeing more performances in multiple venues throughout the city.

Eva Goetz / Robot Speak: A multi-media exhibition and art installation spearheaded by artist Eva Goetz.

SPEEDWELL projects: A not for profit artist-run studio and gallery dedicated to launching thought provoking exhibitions in all media, including site-specific installations, public art, spoken word, and performance.

To apply for a fiscal sponsorship, email Program Assistant Katie Page at

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